My Heart Belongs to the Sea

This summer I had the opportunity to participate in the project Bitta Generation organized by several European NGOs. Their idea is to promote and aware European citizens on sustainable development issues through the use of different tools and the organization of international meetings among activists, volunteers and youth workers. The main aim is to use the graphic art as tool to promote positive values in the framework of sustainable development, to encourage intercultural dialogue, inclusion and active participation of young people in the European social life.

The 10-day workshop took place in Vasto, Italy (18-27.06.2011) and ended with final exhibition of all the participants in Sala Vittoria Colonna in the same city. The main theme this year was the oil drilling in the region and the potential effects after that.

In few publications I will show you the things I did for the workshop and here you can see my first project “My Heart Belongs to the Sea” (watercolor and ink), while we were arranging the exhibition:

The other projects are coming soon.