Pancevo is a city, 15 km northeast from Belgrade, where air pollution is the leading environmental problem. Sources are not only traffic, home heating, industry, land fields, and street dust, but also the heavy industry around. It was created as an industrial park, but over the years people started moving to the area to be closer to their factories and a town of 100,000 has sprung up. Now the residents have to live with the threat of mass poisoning and chemical sirens.

Last month I participated in a street art workshop held in the city, organized by several NGOs and financed by Youth in Action Programme. We painted this long wall, where everyone of the participants had its own space. The main aim was to promote positive values and behaviours among local people.

The results of this workshop and the other two that were happening at the same time (video animation, comics & communication) were exhibited in Elektrika gallery at the end of September.

Thanks for the photo to Muha, who was our great leader during the street art workshop.

And some work in progress.