Place for a Poster (Sofia Design Week)

This year Sofia Design Week was just great, including names in the forum part as Stefan Sagmeister and Genevieve Gauckler. And lucky me, I was part of it! Only as participant in an exhibition, but it means a lot for me. The idea came from Svetlana Mircheva (curator of the project and the event) and makes a visual research in the field of graphic designers and how they work on projects without knowing exactly where in space they will appear. She asked us what will happen if we could choose a place first and then create a work especially for it?

Place for a Poster (01-17.06.2012, Vivacom Art Hall, Sofia) exhibition gave  opportunity to 15 graphic designers and illustrators and they present their ideas for posters created for places in the city of their choice – posters spots. Each poster is shot on location by Mihail Novakov.

Entrance to another galaxy, 2012

Pens on paper, digital manipulation, poster size – 70×100 cm