Sito Studio

There are so many things that happened in the last year, sorry for not posting. Hopefully I’ll update everything soon, but so far, please, check Sito Studio. This is the place, where I’m lost.

The little princess and her mother

Available in different colors.

35×50, Hand made silkscreen print

Cat in a cup

Last minute Christmass present for Emil.

50×50, acrylic on canvas

My first silkscreen print

I was happy to participate in a project called “The rolling screenscreen studio” made by Valeri Gyurov from Transformatori and Jens Besser. The studio travelled across the country and did serie of workshops finalized by an exhibition in Sofia.

Look I found a giant magic bean!

Love is a whale, swallow an ocean

Small illustration printed on a tote bag, that was part of Surfrider Foundation‘s charity exhibition.

The exhibition took place in +Tova, 23-31.03.2013

Photo: Anastas Tarpanov

Bulgarian Food Bank

Very fast drawing with Jens Besser for Bulgarian Food Bank‘s storage.


Silkscreen printed tote bags for a movie telling a story about the dogs of Sofia streets. More coming soon…

and the original picture, before the print:

The Melting Triangle

Silkscreen printed tote bags.

Business cards

Printed on recycled paper, size 85 x 55 mm.

9 planets

Last year I had a chance to do illustration for a children book, called “9 planets”. It’s telling a magical story about the Universe and how the planets there got ill. Luckily they have a doctor, that cures them (the Sun).

The book consists of few chapters and 9 different artsist illustrate each part. The one that I did is for a Nebula, eating it’s tongue and an old lady comet with broken legs.

And this is the planet Earth.

Party in the Wood

Seasonal greetings to everyone. Have fun!


Pancevo is a city, 15 km northeast from Belgrade, where air pollution is the leading environmental problem. Sources are not only traffic, home heating, industry, land fields, and street dust, but also the heavy industry around. It was created as an industrial park, but over the years people started moving to the area to be closer to their factories and a town of 100,000 has sprung up. Now the residents have to live with the threat of mass poisoning and chemical sirens.

Last month I participated in a street art workshop held in the city, organized by several NGOs and financed by Youth in Action Programme. We painted this long wall, where everyone of the participants had its own space. The main aim was to promote positive values and behaviours among local people.

The results of this workshop and the other two that were happening at the same time (video animation, comics & communication) were exhibited in Elektrika gallery at the end of September.

Thanks for the photo to Muha, who was our great leader during the street art workshop.

And some work in progress.

Banja Luka

Like last summer, I was lucky to participate in another training course for Intercultural dialogue and youth inclusion. This time it was held in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ten amazing really hot summer days, comics and strips workshop and a lot of beer.

The main subject that we focused was a story about a park in the center of Banja Luka, called “Picin Park”. It was destroyed for constructing a new building behind which stands suspicious offers and architectural plans. There were a lot of protests everyday, that have united citizens of all social classes, status and religious beliefs. They became a symbol of the fight for the restoration of human dignity in the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here you are some of the doodle drawings I did for propaganda.

Everything ended within the framework of Creative August and a collective exhibition in the “House of Youth”, Banja Luka.

Theater on the street

Hey there, I am finally back with some new projects.

This is something that happened in the beginning of the summer in Sofia and it was part of massive event organized by Transformatori and CEZ Bulgaria (electricity provider). The main goal was to transform the electricity panels on Rakovsky Str., famous with all the theaters on it.

It was a lot of fun with Skasho and Nusha, drawing together for first time. We used different visual elements from famous authors such as S. Becket – “Waiting for Godot”,  Shakespeare – “Hamlet”, “Romeo and Juliette” and others.

These are the characters that I did:

Place for a Poster (Sofia Design Week)

This year Sofia Design Week was just great, including names in the forum part as Stefan Sagmeister and Genevieve Gauckler. And lucky me, I was part of it! Only as participant in an exhibition, but it means a lot for me. The idea came from Svetlana Mircheva (curator of the project and the event) and makes a visual research in the field of graphic designers and how they work on projects without knowing exactly where in space they will appear. She asked us what will happen if we could choose a place first and then create a work especially for it?

Place for a Poster (01-17.06.2012, Vivacom Art Hall, Sofia) exhibition gave  opportunity to 15 graphic designers and illustrators and they present their ideas for posters created for places in the city of their choice – posters spots. Each poster is shot on location by Mihail Novakov.

Entrance to another galaxy, 2012

Pens on paper, digital manipulation, poster size – 70×100 cm

Take a cake

Take a cake, a cupcake bakery, invited me to participate in sweet initiative, where different artists are asked to draw illustrations, which are afterward printed on the cupcakes.

I think it’s difficult to eat it at the end and that’s why they also print a little postcard:

“Family paratroopers is going on a picnic”

Thanks to Take a cake for the photos.

Dance, dance, dance and balance

It turned out into serie with the other two – Oh, Bloody Mary, how much do I adore you & Happy New Year

Work in progress

Poor Dolly the sheep

Died nine years ago never finding true love. Rest in peace, dear Dolly.

Portrait of an young dog

A friend of mine had birthday last week and she wanted portrait of her dog. Ladies and gentlemans I present you Midget Phoenix when he was just a little puppy, dreaming of a steak:

Oh, Bloody Mary, how much do I adore you

After posting the previous post on Facebook, one of my friends suggested doing also a boy with drink and olives, but I think roses are nice too.

I think that soon we’ll do some t-shirts, so if you’re one of the one who wants, please – write. Cheers!

–> see the third from the serie: Dance, dance, dance and balance

Happy New Year

I hope all of you had lots of fun and I wish more of everything during this year.

–> see the other two here: Oh, Bloody Mary, how much do I adore you & Dance, dance, dance and balance

Have you seen this cat?

I haven’t.

Googbye Economedia

Most of my friends already know, but from almost one month I changed my job. This is the invitation for small goodbye party I sent to my ex-workfellows.

My Heart Belongs to the Sea

This summer I had the opportunity to participate in the project Bitta Generation organized by several European NGOs. Their idea is to promote and aware European citizens on sustainable development issues through the use of different tools and the organization of international meetings among activists, volunteers and youth workers. The main aim is to use the graphic art as tool to promote positive values in the framework of sustainable development, to encourage intercultural dialogue, inclusion and active participation of young people in the European social life.

The 10-day workshop took place in Vasto, Italy (18-27.06.2011) and ended with final exhibition of all the participants in Sala Vittoria Colonna in the same city. The main theme this year was the oil drilling in the region and the potential effects after that.

In few publications I will show you the things I did for the workshop and here you can see my first project “My Heart Belongs to the Sea” (watercolor and ink), while we were arranging the exhibition:

The other projects are coming soon.

He’s so talkable

Every day from early morning he starts to talk and talk and talk… until the night falls down.

Mom, Dad & Me

I did this drawing as a present for my parents’ 25th anniversary.

Don’t ask me why I have four fingers on both legs, in reality they are five, as normal. I guess I was a bit absent minded.

I really hope that one day I can do another present for their Golden anniversary.

Boys and girls in the summer

In the winter I did more drawings for a friend of mine who is making lamps, but as long as they were on a summer theme, I decided to wait until that time. Yeah, the summer finally started for me, so nice, so shiny!

Darling, I followed the children

The story here is about Bulgarian telecoms, which offer new opportunities to their clients. Now they can easily control their children by mobile calls and location.

And some work in progress:

* This is part of the work I did recently for Capital Weekly, so in the upcoming days I will be posting illustrations on various subjects.

Read the text here (in Bulgarian).

Тhreatened By Default

According to the European commission only two of the most popular social networks protect the minors’ privacy data by default.

* This is part of the work I did recently for Capital Weekly, so in the upcoming days I will be posting illustrations on various subjects.

Read the text here (in Bulgarian).

Clients, come back

The main topic here was about fees on mortgage loans. Recently the banks in Bulgaria began to price down the loans in their will to catch clients.

* This is part of the work I did recently for Capital Weekly, so in the upcoming days I will be posting illustrations on various subjects.

Read the text here (in Bulgarian).

Little Monster Friend

In 2004, while studying in university, I had the opportunity to meet Monika Popova. She taught me how to work with ceramics. So, few days ago, I was looking through my archive and look what I found.

It is one of my first works with this material and I really really like this little monster friend.

This is his temporary home, it looks like a prison, but there is sun and good view whole day long. Soon he’ll be gone in a friend’s house.

Wondering around

A really fast drawing, that I made while moving (again) to a new flat. The amazing frame came from the old house of a friend.

I’m not you and you not me

The first draft for a project about old windows that will happen sooner or later.

Thanks to Mihail Novakov for this crazy photo in my flatmate’s room.

Bright Marketing Research

Another website that I did with ITWS for Bright Marketing Research

Economedia doodles

Inner company jokes made with the HR team of Economedia.

Holiday greetings from Capital weekly

Holiday greetings and brave dreams for the next year!

Lola is in the circus

She had just arrived in that scary new world, when she met that little sweet friend, who showed her the circus and a lovely game to do. Lola is now there.

20×25 cm, ink, color pencils

Lonely friend

He is missing something all the time, but he is too scared to admit it.

Water color, water crayons, ink. 35×50 cm.

Mr. Love

You can call him every time for some sweet love moments.

Water color&ink. 15x40cm.

Ivana and Tulio

This is a portrait of the amazing couple, that were so kind to host me in their house for few weeks, when I arrived in Turin. I hope they really liked it.

Water color, color pencils & ink. 50×70 cm.

Bag and Wallet

The following works are part of the visual work for Bag and Wallet, my debut project where I involved around 18 people. It was really exciting work, which main aim was a visual research on the contemporary consumer, who lives nowadays in Bulgaria. What is he buying, why is he doing that, when is he doing that, etc., were just few of the questions that we posed. You can read more here (only in Bulgarian, sorry) and see the video project done by Desislava Chongarova & Lubomir Draganov.

You can see also my illustrations for the project. I was working with an 18-year old “consumer” and his products.

Let it be light!

I did some drawings for, a small shop full of all kind of little sweet presents in the amazing district San Salvario in Turin.

T-shirts for an article

Unfortunately these Т-shirts weren’t produced, but the main idea came from an article in newspaper Capital about a common problem with the release of goods from the Bulgarian customs.

Happy birthday, Maria!

Personal wish for a friend and co-worker of mine that likes owls.


New environment for quality content, communication and ideas.

Print advertising for the launching of the new website for Capital weekly newspaper.

Let’s go in the bath tube!

How many people can go inside a bath tube in the same time?

The answer is four. We will try to improve the result next year, I promise.

Portraits of European Financial Ministers

These portraits were published in the Bulgarian daily business newspaper Dnevnik.

Alistair Darling, Brian Lenihan

Christine Lagarde, Elena Saldago

Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, Giorgios Papakonstantinou

Giulio Tremonti, Wolfgang Schauble

You can check it here – publications between 06.04.2010 and 14.06.2010.

Second Nature

Visual work for a short movie called Second Nature (dir. Lubomir Draganov, 2009).

The story is about a boy, who is a bit insecure about himself, but in the end he finds himself with the help of some punk boys and this jacket. The visual identity of the whole movie is going around punk style, so that’s why we had to stick with it. At the end we stopped at the third jacket on the right.

Daily3trax doodle

A friend of mine had the idea to choose three different tracks every day on to publish them here.

So, he wanted an avatar image and we did this one eyed monster for less than 20 minutes. I am happy he liked it.

Xmas Greetings 2009-2010

These greeting were made for the business newspapers Capital and Dnevnik and for a magazine called Horemag (Hotels, Restaurants and Shops). All of them are published by Economedia – the biggest business orientated publishing company in Bulgaria.

Illustration for Horemag Magazine

During my work at Economedia, I had the opportunity to meet few magazine editors, so I made various illustrations. The name of this article was “The white rondine” and the publisher just wanted a simple visual interpretation.

Bucko website design and illustration

This is just an example of my work in web design. You can check the real site here.

Human resources

When a friend called me and said that Economedia is searching for a graphic designer I never knew that my work there will be so interesting and so free.

This is an example of this freedom. The people that came to me had only the text and told me: “Do something nice with your characters from the notebook you did last winter”. So I just had some fun again. The result is a small advertising (12.3x18cm) that was published in Dnevnik andCapital newspapers, because Economedia had a contest about new HR specialist.

BPS Invitation

Invitation for event named “United colors of Business Park Sofia”.

This project is designed in Studio Enthusiasm

Orbitel Christmas Greeting

Christmas greeting for Orbitel that is designed to look like a thermos. When you open the greeting you can see a cut of the liquid inside with the wishings:

20% Cuban rum + 20% hot tea from bergamot + 32% friendly and positive interpersonal realtions + 28% warm communication = 100% happines in the New Year). The whole conception is again as in the T-shirt made for them – everything is connected and Orbitel gives you warm communication. The thermos is as a symbol of coziness and warmness in the winter.

This project is designed while I was working in Studio Enthusiasm


Stationary design for Andonov and Radinska, attorneys at law. Unfortunately, the clients liked another, similar idea, printed on white paper. Nevertheless I still like these ones.

I did this while working for Studio Enthusiasm.


Fast character design that I did for team “Apple” in a short movie challenge called The Child III. The name of the movie is Little trip and you can see it here.

It was my first experience doing stuff like that and it was a lot of fun. While the team was shooting the video I was going everywhere with them and taking sketches of the objects I see. After that I did few pairs of legs and hands and mixed everything up.

Orbitel T-shirt

Orbitel is a company that is not only into the innovative telecommunication technologies, but also on a real personal approach with every client. The main aim of this project was to represent the warm and friendly communication the company has with its clients.

For example – the net of hands in this T-shirt design represents the help and the attention that Orbitel will give you if you have an issue to resolve. The T-shirts with the faces are designed for male and female and the slogan says “Always fresh”.

This project is designed in Studio Enthusiasm.

Darik Radio Invitation

Invitation for a party of a private radio company called “Darik”, which was celebrating its 15th anniversary. The print represents a real station that is tuned to 200.8, which is the year of the celebration (1993-2008).

This project was designed in Studio Enthusiasm