Office walls

AII Data Processing is a worldwide provider of content management, business news and media research services. The company employs more than 270 people, out of its offices in Bulgaria and Malaysia. After doing a small renovation in the Bulgarian office, they hired me for creating something inspiring for the people that work there. With the great help of a friend of mine – Iliyana Kancheva – we painted on the walls of the office (six storey building).

In the drawings we had to use their vision “We create a transparent environment and inspire capable people to excel” and in the same time to incorporate somehow company’s main values – commitment to customers, teamwork, flexibility, trust and excellence + their mission “We make sense of information”. It took us about a month to prepare the sketches and one more to do the painting.

So here you are, we start with the stairway:

We did some simple navigation inside also:

Some silly doodles in the leisure room and in the kitchen:

And a few mascot characters expressing Aii Data‘s values (each one is for every floor of the building):

Thank you!