Happy Birthday to me, my dear friends!

My first solo “exhibition” was private and showed a series of friendly take-off caricatures. I also had a birthday so I decided to make the party otherwise – my guests were supposed to bring the drinks and I was the one who was giving presents, those were, of course, the pictures I did. Behind every portrait (almost) there is a story connected to the person’s character or my feeling about it.

Unfortunately, the camera with which I took the pictures was broke, so I lost most of the images. The whole exposition was with around 30 (or more) caricatures. Now I am trying to meet all my friends and take a photo of their caricature again (or please, my lovely dear friends, if you see this message, try to send me a good reproduction of your present, thank you!), so soon there will be more.

And this was the invitation photo I sent.