We need (Super) Heroes

As I said before this summer I had the opportunity to participate in the project Bitta Generation organized by several European NGOs.

I already showed you the first part, so now here it is, finally the second one. It was also part of the exhibition in Vasto, Italy (18-27.06.2011) as a result from a workshop.

Our task was to create promotional and art materials that could inform and reflect the local inhabitants about the plans of the Italian oil company ENI. They plan to drill 35% of Abruzzo, a lush, naturalistic region in central Italy. Abruzzo was under the threat of becoming a giant oil field with pipelines, storage facilities and regining plants all along the coast and in the middle of the wine land.

The things that I did were little sketchbook, few giant paper characters that overcome in vector posters after that. A story of imaginary heroes and monsters around the coast. The main heroes are disgusted from the smell of rotten eggs. Rotten eggs – because they say this is the smell of the hydrogen sulfide, that will be one of the dangerous chemicals that will be emitted in the air if ENI start to drill in the region.

The funniest thing about the sketchbook is that the paper was eco, so it was really poor quality. It was so transparent, so when drawing on one page you could see the mirror reflection on the other. And first I didn’t like it, but then just decided to copy the same drawings from every previous page to the next one. So that way, using some of the same shapes and creating new ones I had new drawing.