The little princess and her mother

Available in different colors. 35x50, Hand made silkscreen print ... Details

Future cities

Small ad campaign in Forbes Bulgaria magazine for Darik radio. ... Details

Office walls

AII Data Processing is a worldwide provider of content management, business news and media research services. The compan... Details

Cat in a cup

Last minute Christmass present for Emil. 50x50, acrylic on canvas ... Details

My first silkscreen print

I was happy to participate in a project called "The rolling screenscreen studio" made by Valeri Gyurov from Transformat... Details

The Expressive Arts Activity Book

Thanks to the freedom I got from the client, this cover was a lot of fun for me. As the title says, it's a book for arts... Details

Globul Corporate Responsibility Report 2012

As every year, the annual corporate responsibility reports of GLOBUL are a reflection of their commitment to report peri... Details

Light Magazine

Portraits of the columnists for Light magazine. ... Details

What does psychoanalysis?

Illustration for the Bulgarian edition of the book, that consists of simple interview questions with the French psychoan... Details

Love is a whale, swallow an ocean

Small illustration printed on a tote bag, that was part of Surfrider Foundation's charity exhibition. The exh... Details

Bulgarian Food Bank

Very fast drawing with Jens Besser for Bulgarian Food Bank's storage. ... Details


Silkscreen printed tote bags for a movie telling a story about the dogs of Sofia streets. More coming soon... ... Details

The Melting Triangle

Silkscreen printed tote bags. ... Details

Business cards

Printed on recycled paper, size 85 x 55 mm. ... Details

9 planets

Last year I had a chance to do illustration for a children book, called "9 planets". It's telling a magical story about... Details

Party in the Wood

Seasonal greetings to everyone. Have fun!... Details


Pancevo is a city, 15 km northeast from Belgrade, where air pollution is the leading environmental problem. Sources a... Details

Banja Luka

Like last summer, I was lucky to participate in another training course for Intercultural dialogue and youth inclusion. ... Details

Theater on the street

Hey there, I am finally back with some new projects. This is something that happened in the beginning of the summer i... Details

Place for a Poster (Sofia Design Week)

This year Sofia Design Week was just great, including names in the forum part as Stefan Sagmeister and Genevieve Gauckle... Details

Take a cake

Take a cake, a cupcake bakery, invited me to participate in sweet initiative, where different artists are asked to draw ... Details

Dance, dance, dance and balance

It turned out into serie with the other two - Oh, Bloody Mary, how much do I adore you & Happy New Year W... Details

We need (Super) Heroes

As I said before this summer I had the opportunity to participate in the project Bitta Generation organized by several... Details

Oh, Bloody Mary, how much do I adore you

After posting the previous post on Facebook, one of my friends suggested doing also a boy with drink and olives, but I t... Details

Happy New Year

I hope all of you had lots of fun and I wish more of everything during this year. --> see the other two here: ... Details

A Nurtured Future

Again, I did the illustration and the design of the print campaign for a HR conference done by Economedia and BHRMDA... Details

My Heart Belongs to the Sea

This summer I had the opportunity to participate in the project Bitta Generation organized by several European NGOs. The... Details is a social network that allows media consumption inside the portfolio of Economedia (Capital, Dnev... Details

Boys and girls in the summer

In the winter I did more drawings for a friend of mine who is making lamps, but as long as they were on a summer theme,... Details

Darling, I followed the children

The story here is about Bulgarian telecoms, which offer new opportunities to their clients. Now they can easily control ... Details

Тhreatened By Default

According to the European commission only two of the most popular social networks protect the minors' privacy data by de... Details

Clients, come back

The main topic here was about fees on mortgage loans. Recently the banks in Bulgaria began to price down the loans in th... Details

Problems of adolescents

Another book cover for the French author Patrick Delaroche. You can see the previous one here. ... Details

Economedia doodles

Inner company jokes made with the HR team of Economedia. ... Details

Holiday greetings from Capital weekly

Holiday greetings and brave dreams for the next year! ... Details

Economedia notebook

When I started my work in Economedia one of my first tasks was to design a notebook and calendar for the next year, tha... Details


Art direction, illustrations and design for a book-magazine, representing all the brands of Economedia. Every brand is p... Details


50% discount flyer for subscription to one of Economedia's brands, made specially for the participants in Marketing In... Details

Bag and Wallet

The following works are part of the visual work for Bag and Wallet, my debut project where I involved around 18 people.... Details

Let it be light!

I did some drawings for, a small shop full of all kind of little sweet presents in the amazing district... Details


This illustration was published in Capital LIGHT Magazine. The story is about couple breaking up and two spiders fallin... Details

Happy Birthday to me, my dear friends!

My first solo "exhibition" was private and showed a series of friendly take-off caricatures. I also had a birthday so I ... Details

T-shirts for an article

Unfortunately these Т-shirts weren't produced, but the main idea came from an article in newspaper Capital about a comm... Details


New environment for quality content, communication and ideas. Print advertising for the launching of the new website ... Details

Parents, dare to say no!

This was one of my first professional works as designer and illustrator together. I did it with lot of pleasure and I th... Details

Portraits of European Financial Ministers

These portraits were published in the Bulgarian daily business newspaper Dnevnik. Alistair Darling, Brian Leniha... Details

Regal Magazine Covers

While working in Economedia I had the opportuinity to make two of the covers of Regal Magazine that is about FMCG trad... Details

Daily3trax doodle

A friend of mine had the idea to choose three different tracks every day on to publish them here. So, he wanted an a... Details

Xmas Greetings 2009-2010

These greeting were made for the business newspapers Capital and Dnevnik and for a magazine called Horemag (Hotels, Re... Details

Illustration for Horemag Magazine

During my work at Economedia, I had the opportunity to meet few magazine editors, so I made various illustrations. The... Details

Human resources

When a friend called me and said that Economedia is searching for a graphic designer I never knew that my work there wi... Details

Orbitel T-shirt

Orbitel is a company that is not only into the innovative telecommunication technologies, but also on a real personal ap... Details